Flare Workshop


Lifeplace Retreat and Events Center Alfonso, Cavite

₱ 5000

₱ 12000Included lessons: 1
Level։ advanced

About live session

A one whole day of bottomless hands-on workshop with the experts in the wedding industry limited only to a few souls who want to thrive in the wedding field.

What you'll learn

Less talk, less mistake, more hands-on..


Photography and film workshops has been the best way to enhance skills. With all those wonderful notes after the workshop, you now have to execute those learnings in real world events.


But what if you have the actual experience during the workshop? Now that’s something and definitely remarkable!


Introducing “Flare” ~ A once in a lifetime wedding photo and film workshop by no other than the two greatest icons in the wedding industry:

Jason Magbanua x Jaja Samaniego


They both believe quality workshop learning should hold a camera on top of a pen with notes.


What you’ll learn do:

1. Shoot side by side with Jason Magbanua and Jaja Samaniego
2. Wedding workflow revelation from Preps to Post-nup.
3. Experience working with top notch experts in the industry.
4. Tools of the trade

The wedding industry has changed over time. Now is the perfect time to advance your learning and experience. While couples and clients expectations sky rocket, you now have this chance to innovate your skills by taking advantage of this real-world, real-experience workshop.

Why invest in this workshop?

1. Notes are good but experience will always the best teacher.
2. Jason and Jaja cannot do this to everyone, forever 🙂 So this maybe the only chance..
3. Understand their point of view when shooting weddings and know what matters most.
4. Reverse engineer their workflow and apply to your own studio.


Excited to work with them?


This is the only workshop you should never miss.


Time to shoot and find the Flare..


This coming August 24,2022


LifePlace Retreat and Events Center, Alfonso, Cavite


Be there!

Included lessons