[T] 50 Projects In 50 Days - HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Duration 18 h 1 m 23 s

[T] 50 Projects In 50 Days - HTML, CSS and JavaScript

About Course

In this course, you will get to build 50 projects within 50days using HTML, CSS and Javascript.

Course content

video001 Welcome1 m 8 s
video002 My Environment Setup4 m 18 s
video003 Project Starter Boilerplate7 m 37 s
video004 Course Projects Code Demos
video005 Project Intro44 s
video006 Initial Cards8 m 58 s
video007 Expanding Effect6 m 51 s
video008 Project Intro59 s
video009 Creating The Steps13 m 1 s
video010 Step Functionality11 m 11 s
video011 Project Intro1 m 6 s
video012 Content Circle Styling12 m 19 s
video013 Rotate Slide Effect11 m 3 s
video014 Project Intro44 s
video015 Hidden Search Widget9 m 7 s
video016 Project Intro55 s
video017 Background Image Loading Text4 m 32 s
video018 Load Blur Effect7 m 41 s
video019 Project Intro1 m 2 s
video020 Scroll Animation13 m 12 s
video021 Project Intro56 s
video022 Split Landing Page HTML CSS14 m 29 s
video023 Adding The Hover Effect7 m 11 s
video024 Project Intro43 s
video025 Styling The Form8 m 37 s
video026 Adding The Wave Effect9 m 38 s
video027 Project Intro1 m 11 s
video028 Sound Board Project9 m 53 s
video029 Project Intro1 m 14 s
video030 Jokes HTML CSS6 m 41 s
video031 Working With Fetch HTTP RequestsResponses6 m 11 s
video032 Fetching Displaying Jokes10 m 29 s
video033 Project Intro1 m 34 s
video034 Key Boxes HTML CSS6 m 21 s
video035 Display Key Codes6 m
video036 Project Intro55 s
video037 FAQ Boxes12 m 52 s
video038 Toggle Buttons7 m 12 s
video039 Project Intro53 s
video040 Choice Picker UI6 m 23 s
video041 Create Tags5 m 41 s
video042 Select Random Tag7 m 24 s
video043 Project Intro59 s
video044 Nav Styling10 m 49 s
video045 Icon Styling Active Toggle7 m
video046 Project Intro38 s
video047 Counters HTML CSS5 m 28 s
video048 Create Display Increment6 m 46 s
video049 Project Intro52 s
video050 Create Style The Cups15 m 16 s
video051 Fill Small Cups6 m 32 s
video052 Update Big Cup8 m 40 s
video053 Project Intro1 m 27 s
video054 Movies UI Layout14 m 3 s
video055 Fetching Data From The API11 m 17 s
video056 Adding Movies To The DOM9 m 26 s
video057 Project Intro42 s
video058 HTML CSS12 m 37 s
video059 Changing Slides8 m 22 s
video060 Project Intro34 s
video061 Starting The Clock12 m 52 s
video062 Finish Clock Styling5 m 47 s
video063 Mode Clock Function16 m 40 s
video064 Project Intro35 s
video065 Button Style Animation6 m 50 s
video066 Button Click Effect8 m 9 s
video067 Project Intro59 s
video068 Create Drop Boxes5 m 22 s
video069 Drag Drop Events13 m 47 s
video070 Project Intro1 m 18 s
video071 Drawing Pad UI6 m 33 s
video072 Canvas Shapes7 m 7 s
video073 Mouse Events Drawing6 m 44 s
video074 Project Intro24 s
video075 Kinetic CSS Loader7 m 25 s
video076 Project Intro54 s
video077 Card HTML5 m 34 s
video078 Card CSS5 m 6 s
video079 Project Intro49 s
video080 Website Content Style12 m 32 s
video081 Navbar CSS JS10 m 22 s
video082 Project Intro1 m 2 s
video083 Vertical Slider UI14 m 3 s
video084 Vertical Slider Function10 m 47 s
video085 Project Intro1 m 3 s
video086 Create Toast Notifications15 m
video087 Project Intro1 m 50 s
video088 Github Profile Card14 m 49 s
video089 Fetching Profile Data With Axios11 m 10 s
video090 Dynamic Profile Cards8 m 2 s
video091 Adding Repos To Card8 m 10 s
video092 Project Intro1 m 28 s
video093 HTML CSS7 m 2 s
video094 Show Heart Based On Click Position13 m 26 s
video095 Project Intro54 s
video096 Auto Text Effect9 m 13 s
video097 Project Intro1 m 3 s
video098 Password Generator UI13 m 46 s
video099 Random Functions8 m 20 s
video100 Generate Password16 m
video101 Copy Password To Clipboard2 m 48 s
video102 Project Intro1 m
video103 Style Checkboxes8 m
video104 Check Ball Animation4 m 7 s
video105 JavaScript Logic4 m 53 s
video106 Project Intro1 m 36 s
video107 Notes HTML CSS9 m 28 s
video108 Adding Notes To The DOM10 m 5 s
video109 Save Notes To Local Storage9 m 41 s
video110 Project Intro1 m 14 s
video111 Counter Final Sections8 m 53 s
video112 In Out Animations7 m 40 s
video113 Dynamic Animation With JS10 m 36 s
video114 Project Intro30 s
video115 Carousel UI7 m 27 s
video116 Carousel Functionality10 m 9 s
video117 Project Intro49 s
video118 Styling The Board Squares5 m 5 s
video119 Hoverboard Effect8 m 17 s
video120 Project Intro1 m 9 s
video121 Pokedex UI Styling11 m 11 s
video122 Fetching Pokemon Data5 m 4 s
video123 Creating The Pokemon Cards10 m 23 s
video124 Project Intro45 s
video125 Create Style UI10 m 25 s
video126 Navigation Effect4 m 25 s
video127 Project Intro1 m 13 s
video128 Creating The Form Background8 m 57 s
video129 Change Blur On Input4 m 41 s
video130 Project Intro1 m 28 s
video131 Creating The Button Boxes15 m 56 s
video132 Background Position Rotate Event10 m 10 s
video133 Project Intro59 s
video134 Verify Account UI Project13 m 51 s
video135 Project Intro1 m 1 s
video136 User List UI12 m 29 s
video137 Fetch Filter Users13 m 37 s
video138 Project Intro1 m 26 s
video139 Feedback Boxes11 m 8 s
video140 Select Submit Feedback12 m 55 s
video141 Project Intro1 m 7 s
video142 Styling The Range12 m 7 s
video143 Label Value Movement
video144 Project Intro1 m 6 s
video145 Netflix Nav - Part 18 m 34 s
video146 Netflix Nav - Part 210 m 38 s
video147 Project Intro1 m 1 s
video148 Quiz UI9 m 45 s
video149 Quiz Functionality11 m 32 s
video150 Project Intro39 s
video151 Create Box Progress Bar12 m 11 s
video152 Testimonial Switch7 m 45 s
video153 Project Intro1 m 5 s
video154 Random Image Feed Project9 m 14 s
video155 Project Intro53 s
video156 Todo List UI8 m 48 s
video157 Add Remove Mark Complete6 m 10 s
video158 Saving Todos to Local Storage8 m 8 s
video159 Project Intro1 m 22 s
video160 Game Styling - Part 112 m 20 s
video161 Game Styling - Part 29 m 3 s
video162 Insect Game Functionality19 m 3 s


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