[V] Smartphone Videography: Create an awesome Zero-budget promo video

Duration 49 m 59 s

[V] Smartphone Videography: Create an awesome Zero-budget promo video

About Course

In this course, we will teach you how to plan and create amazing promo video for any type of business you may have, using a smartphone.

Course content

video01 - Introduction2 m 8 s
video02 - Before you begin1 m 40 s
video03 - Where to get quik-app1 m 13 s
video04 - Introduction to basics of visual storytelling and planning28 s
video05 - Basic Composition3 m 42 s
video06 - Shooting Angles2 m 33 s
video07 - Camera Movements2 m 39 s
video08 - Writing a script3 m 58 s
video09 - Core aspects summary59 s
video10 - Common mistakes avoid when recording your promo6 m 58 s
video11 - Opening Quik and selecting your template2 m 29 s
video12 - Selecting your template1 m 36 s
video13 - Smart cuts draft promo42 s
video14 - Building your promo video2 m 54 s
video15 - Adding clean titles1 m 43 s
video16 - Run the track3 m 1 s
video17 - Uploading your completed promo for feedback2 m 18 s
video18 - Review Feedback38 s
video19 - Sharing the video on social media1 m 47 s
video20 - Final thoughts1 m 4 s
video21 - Freebies Behind-the-scenes3 m 18 s
video22 - Freebies Recipe Hyperlapse1 m 12 s
video23 - Sample promo video59 s


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