Pinoy Wordpress Beginners to Advance

Duration 2 h 26 m 51 s


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Pinoy Wordpress Beginners to Advance

About Course

In this course, you will learn Wordpress from beginner to advance level.

Course content

video1 - Wordpress Beginner Introduction2 m 42 s Start
video2 - Why Are Websites Important4 m 8 s Start
video3 - What is a Wordpress Website3 m 31 s Start
video4 - Examples7 m 13 s Start
video5 - Examples4 m 20 s Start
video6 - Creating A Website5 m 34 s Start
video7 - Launching A Website4 m 37 s Start
video8 - How To Change Your Theme2 m 52 s Start
video9 - How To Make A Menu2 m 7 s Start
video10 - How To Create Pages4 m 14 s Start
video11 - How To Edit Your Page _ Add To Menu6 m 32 s Start
video12- How To Edit Your Homepage4 m 3 s Start
video13 - How To Edit Your Front Page5 m 41 s Start
video14 - How To Edit Texts5 m 3 s Start
video15 - How To Add Links7 m 23 s Start
video16 - How To Create A Post2 m 45 s Start
video1 - Intro - Creating A WordPress Website1 m 59 s Start
video2 - Topics - Things to this discuss1 m 16 s Start
video3 - Things We Need32 s Start
video4- Things We Need To Understand5 m 12 s Start
video5 - 3 Easy Steps To Setup A Website2 m 41 s Start
video6 - Your Hosting Plan Options3 m 53 s Start
video7 - How To Buy Domain Name _ Hosting Plan4 m 14 s Start
video8 - Hostgator Signup _ Billing Information1 m 56 s Start
video9 - Last Checking For Hosting _ Domain Name2 m 34 s Start
video10 - Hostgator Dashboard _ WordPress Installation4 m 28 s Start
video11 - Logging Into WordPress2 m Start
video12 - Deleting Startup Plugins1 m 25 s Start
video13 - Dashboard _ Functions2 m 14 s Start
video14 - Changing Your WordPress Password57 s Start
video15 - Installing Your Design Plugin2 m 23 s Start
video16 - Importing Your Theme5 m 48 s Start
video17- Designing Your Website4 m 8 s Start
video18 - Changing Your Existing Plugin2 m 49 s Start
video19 - Wordpress Basic Optimization1 m 30 s Start
video20 - Installing Other Plugins2 m 20 s Start
video21 - My Job As A Wordpress Freelancer7 m 57 s Start
video22 - Rates Of A Wordpress Freelancer6 m 15 s Start
video23 - Where To Apply For A WordPress Website5 m 35 s Start


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