Pinoy Social Media Management 101

Duration 1 h 7 m 43 s


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Pinoy Social Media Management 101

About Course

In this course, you will learn how to become an expert in Social Media Management. A skill that a lot of businesses need.

Course content

video1. Social Media Management Introduction4 m 39 s Start
video2. Social Media Management vs Social Media Marketing1 m 11 s Start
video3. Social Media Manager Roles5 m 8 s Start
video4. Social Media Tasks2 m 42 s Start
video5. Social Media Platforms9 m 8 s Start
video6. Social Media Tools9 m 25 s Start
video7. Social Media Creativity11 m 51 s Start
video8. Social Media Manager (Actual Job).9 m 9 s Start
video9. Social Media Manager Rates2 m 31 s Start
video10. How To Create Portfolio for SMM Create Social Media Reports11 m 59 s Start


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