Pinoy Shopify Freelancing Course

Duration 1 h 30 m 22 s


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Pinoy Shopify Freelancing Course

About Course

In this course, you will learn how to use Shopify for your freelancing journey.

Course content

video1 - Shopify Introduction2 m 47 s Start
video2 - Shopify Websites Examples5 m 33 s Start
video3 - What is Shopify1 m 20 s Start
video4 - Why Do Clients Likes Using Shopify1 m 29 s Start
video5 - Things To Understand1 m 37 s Start
video6 - Shopify Website Application3 m 40 s Start
video7- Shopify Home Rundown4 m 32 s Start
video8 - How to add Products _ Prices6 m 53 s Start
video9 - How To Edit A Theme4 m 8 s Start
video10 - How To Change Themes5 m 42 s Start
video11 - How to buy a Domain Name4 m 59 s Start
video12 - How To Select a Plan4 m 27 s Start
video13 - Test Buy _ Checkout Settings5 m 38 s Start
video14 - How to setup shipping fee2 m 52 s Start
video15 - Jobs of a Shopify Freelancer ( Part 1)7 m 20 s Start
video16 - Jobs of a Shopify Freelancer (Part 2)7 m 49 s Start
video17 - Jobs of a Shopify Freelancer (Part 3)2 m 11 s Start
video18 - Rates _ How to find Jobs (Part 1)8 m 24 s Start
video19 - Rates _ How to find Jobs (Part 2)4 m 53 s Start
video20 - Shopify Course Recap4 m 8 s Start


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