Pinoy Freelancing Course

Duration 2 h 42 m 20 s


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Pinoy Freelancing Course

About Course

In this course, you will learn how to become a Freelancer that you can offer to local and international clients and get paid big time!

Course content

video1. Course Introduction3 m 50 s Start
videoPart I13 m 8 s Start
videoPart II - A12 m 17 s Start
videoPart II - B12 m 24 s Start
videoPart III - Introduction2 m Start
videoHow To Create An Effective Email Address2 m 57 s Start
videoCreating Your Profile Picture2 m 27 s Start
videoCreating Your Resume5 m 52 s Start
videoCreating Your Application or Cover Letter6 m 27 s Start
videoCreating Your Profile Description5 m 32 s Start
videoIntroduction to Skype, Slack _ Trello5 m 12 s Start
videoPart III - Recap1 m 8 s Start
videoPart IV - Introduction1 m 30 s Start
videoTypes of Virtual Assistant Jobs12 m 5 s Start
videoDifferent Freelancing Websites4 m 13 s Start
videoHow To Rate Yourself3 m 42 s Start
videoHow To Apply For Jobs11 m 38 s Start
videoPre-Interview Preparation8 m 22 s Start
videoPost-Interview Preparation5 m 8 s Start
videoIntroduction To Google Drive5 m 55 s Start
videoGmail Labels (Gmail Management Tip)8 m 4 s Start
videoOrganize Your Google Chrome5 m 48 s Start
video(Tool) How To Use Grammarly7 m 17 s Start
video(Tool) Easy Screenshot TOOL5 m 42 s Start
videoHow To Create A Paypal Account5 m 23 s Start
videoHow To Send PayPal Invoice To Your Client4 m 19 s Start


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