Pinoy Facebook Ads for beginners to advanced


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Pinoy Facebook Ads for beginners to advanced

About Course

In this course, you will learn and understand what Facebook Ads is and how to use it as your skill for your clients.

Course content

video1 - Facebook Ads Introduction Start
video2 - What Are Facebook Ads Start
video3 - Personal Facebook Ads Examples Start
video4 - Introduction to Facebook Ads FB Account Start
video5 - How To Create Facebook Page Start
video6 - Facebook Page Logo - Cover Photo Start
video7 - Optimizing Your Facebook Page Start
video8 - Creating Facebook Business Manager _ Linking Your Page To BM Start
video9 - How To Add Your Payment Method Start
video10 - How To Setup Your Ad Account Start
video11 - Ad Account Dashboard Start
video12 - Facebook Campaigns Creation Start
video13 - Facebook Adset Creation Start
video14 - Facebook Ad Creation Start
video15 - Facebook Automated or Bot Responses Start
video16 - How To PUBLISH Your Ad Start
video17 - Rates of Facebook Ads Freelancers Start
video18 - How Clients Give Tasks On Facebook Ads - Part 1 Start
video19 - How Clients Give Tasks On Facebook Ads - Part 2 Start
video20 - How To Create A Facebook Page Post Ad Start
videoFacebook Ads Actual Example Task Start
videoFacebook Advertising Policies Start
videoFacebook Custom Audience Terms (Video) Start
videoHow to Create Facebook Custom Audiences Start
videoHow To Create Video Views Audiences Start
videoHow to Make Custom Audiences (Part II) Start


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