[P] How to Take Pro Photos on your Iphone

Duration 56 m 31 s

[P] How to Take Pro Photos on your Iphone

About Course

Smartphones are getting better and better these days and phone cameras are slowly climbing up to compete with high-end imaging results. 

In this course, we'll level up your skills in taking photos, using just your iPhone!

Course content

video01 - Introduction: What you will learn1 m 59 s
video02 - The photographer's definition of photography1 m 3 s
video03 - Setup turn off live photo1 m 7 s
video04 - Setup turn on HDR50 s
video05 - Setup turn on the grid27 s
video06 - Focus tapping exposure control lock focus2 m 11 s
video07 - Shot composition what is it1 m 29 s
video08 - Shot composition perspective2 m 9 s
video09 - Shot composition vantage point1 m 43 s
video10 - Shot composition rule of thirds1 m 41 s
video11 - Shot composition dead space42 s
video12 - How to create depth in your photography1 m 20 s
video13 - Surrounding light and how to use it1 m 42 s
video14 - Filling the frame1 m 10 s
video15 - Storytelling in photography2 m 29 s
video16 - Long exposure photography: How to shoot it on the iphone1 m 34 s
video17 - Macro photography: How to shoot macro on the iphone2 m 3 s
video18 - How to optimize pano mode1 m 39 s
video19 - How to edit your photos in Lightroom18 m 16 s
video20 - How to create presets in Lightroom3 m 29 s
video21 - How to make your portraits pop in Lightroom4 m 50 s
video22 - Final words: Be Adventurous59 s
video23 - Final Words: Memorize the rules and break them1 m 39 s


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