[V] Final Cut Pro Complete Course - from Beginner to YouTuber

Duration 3 h 59 m 47 s

[V] Final Cut Pro Complete Course - from Beginner to YouTuber

About Course

This course will launch your editing skills using Final Cut Pro if you are using a Mac computer! 

Course content

video01 Welcome!1 m 9 s
video02 Structure of This Class2 m 47 s
video03 The Structure of Final Cut11 m 28 s
video04 Organising Test Footage6 m 22 s
video05 How Timeline Works4 m 52 s
video06 Libraries, Events and File Importing7 m 14 s
video07 Syncing External Audio with Video5 m 27 s
video08 Starting to Edit A-Roll12 m 9 s
video09 Editing A-Roll with Pro Tools10 m 58 s
video10 Adding Markers3 m 51 s
video11 Preparing Final A-Roll4 m 52 s
video12 Choosing Best B-Roll Footage6 m 53 s
video13 Adding B-Roll15 m 54 s
video14 Basic Titles and Basic Lower Thirds5 m 23 s
video15 Animated Titles3 m 24 s
video16 How to Record Screen4 m 11 s
video17 Keyframing4 m 56 s
video18 Color Correction and Grading10 m 47 s
video19 How to Use Mask Tool2 m 5 s
video20 How to Copy and Past Effects2 m 34 s
video21 Adjusting Audio10 m 26 s
video22 Making Preset for Video and Audio1 m 3 s
video23 Adding Music15 m 59 s
video24 Adding Sound Effects7 m 29 s
video25 Exporting Final Video6 m 13 s
video26 Final Video - Use It As a Sample10 m 42 s
video27 11 Tips for Better and Faster Video Editing (BONUS)11 m 35 s
video28 11 More Tips for Better and Faster Video Editing (BONUS)12 m 11 s
video29 How to Find Missing Files (BONUS)1 m 45 s
video30 Multi-Camera Editing (BONUS)8 m 31 s
video31 Convert Vertical Video to Horizontal (BONUS)1 m 12 s
video32 Before and After Transition (BONUS)1 m 11 s
video33 Export Settings for YouTube Uploads (BONUS)1 m 38 s
video34 How to Use Compressor with Final Cut Pro (BONUS)4 m 14 s
video35 How to Create Adjustment Layer (BONUS)2 m 51 s
video36 How To Install Plugins (BONUS)2 m 22 s
video37 The Most Important 50+ Shortcuts (BONUS)13 m 9 s


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