[V] Editing YouTube Videos in Premiere Pro

Duration 20 m 32 s

[V] Editing YouTube Videos in Premiere Pro

About Course

In this course, you will learn how to edit youtube videos using Adobe Premiere Pro.

Course content

video1 Stand Out on YouTube!! (Welcome)
video2 Proof it Works! (The Final Product)2 m 15 s
video3 Editing the Voice Over (Laying the Foundations)3 m 41 s
video4 Adding Broll in Adobe Premiere Pro3 m 59 s
video5 Standing Out With Music (KEY!!)3 m 24 s
video6 Colour Grading To Create Quality!3 m 42 s
video7 Before Vs After (Big Difference!)1 m 40 s
video8 Class Project53 s
video9 Thank You!58 s


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