Digital Pinoys - Facebook Ads 101

Duration 2 h 13 m 7 s


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Digital Pinoys - Facebook Ads 101

About Course

If you tried Boosting Ads before and failed to get your desired result, this course will teach you everything you need to know about re-launching your Facebook Ads campaign again. Our resident Facebook Ads expert will guide you through all the in and out of creating a facebook campaign and correct your mindset when you are doing paid ads using facebook!

Course content

video01 - Introduction9 m 57 s Start
video02 - Difference Between Boost Post and Business Manager5 m 46 s Start
video03 - What to expect from FB Ads?3 m 8 s Start
video04 - What are Media Buyers2 m 14 s Start
video05 - How much should you spend on FB Ads per day2 m 12 s Start
video06 - What is LTV or Lifetime Value2 m 1 s Start
video07 - How much are you going to earn from FB Ads1 m 19 s Start
video08 - What is the connection of conversion, attribution and pixel with each other6 m 6 s Start
video09 - Why do you want to use facebook ads to achieve what you want to achieve4 m 42 s Start
video10 - What you need to know before launching your first FB Ads Start
video11 - How to launch your first FB Ads2 m 21 s Start
video12 - Understanding and selecting your Campaign Objective16 m 49 s Start
video13 - Understanding everything about Ad-Sets13 m 14 s Start
video14 - Targeting your potential Customers (Audience 101)21 m 31 s Start
video15 - All about Ad Creatives (Copy a.k.a Caption and Creatives a.k.a graphics)12 m 21 s Start
video16 - Basic Auto-responder a.k.a Chatbot or Quick-reply5 m 11 s Start
video17 - Ads Placement3 m 41 s Start
video18 - Targeting Different Audiences under 1 Campaign and Publishing the Campaign6 m 38 s Start
video19 - BONUS What is Conversion1 m 30 s Start
video20 - BONUS The scientific computation of FB Ads cost1 m 44 s Start
videoFinal Thoughts10 m 42 s Start


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Course Instructor

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