[D] Canva for Beginners to Advanced

[D] Canva for Beginners to Advanced

About Course

This course will jump start you from a beginner to a Canva savvy digital entrepreneur. Create social media posts, thumbnails and a lot of stuff for FREE using Canva!

Course content

videoOpening Canva for the first time
videoUsing and customizing templates
videoUsing search and personalizing the editor
videoUploading and using photos
videoUsing and editing elements
videoFinding fonts and using text
videoUploading and editing video and audio
videoSharing and collaborating on designs
videoSaving and organizing documents
videoWhat’s next?
videoSearch and Edit Elements
videoUpload and Edit Media
videoRecord yourself
videoAdd and Style Text
videoEdit Photos
videoAdd animations
videoUse Apps
videoUnderstanding Typhography
videoWorking with Text in Canva
videoHow to Make a Business Card
videoDesigning your Business Card in Canva
videoHow to Make Stationery
videoDesigning your Business Stationery
videoHow to Make a Flyer
videoDesigning your Flyer in Canva
videoWhat’s a brand?
videoStart with purpose
videoFind your tribe
videoAdd some personality
videoGive it a name
videoDesign your logo
videoFind the right font
videoMind your tone
videoConnect with color
videoStyle your imagery
videoBuild a Brand Kit
videoEvolve your brand
videoThe how and why of designing logos
videoLogo design with Canva templates
videoThe psychology of logo design
videoCreating logo concepts with Canva
videoThe logo design thinking process
videoMaking a logo from scratch with Canva
videoThe how and why of logo guidelines
videoDesigning logo guidelines with Canva
videoDesign to communicate
videoMoodboard magic
videoPractise proximity
videoAce alignment
videoWhat the font!?
videoOpposites attract
videoMake it pop!
videoColor wheel basics
videoTints and shades
videoColor combos
videoPhoto love
videoShare and publish
videoMaster social media
videoFind your focus
videoSet your goals
videoDefine your style
videoMake it visual
videoColor, Contrast & Clarity
videoMaster your videos
videoTailor your content
videoEducate, inspire, entertain
videoPlan ahead
videoBuild your community
videoMake your mark


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