[D] Build Quick and Easy Websites with Canva

Duration 1 h 2 m 40 s

[D] Build Quick and Easy Websites with Canva

About Course

Canva is our all-around tool if you are a startup business. This course will teach you how to build a simple website using Canva software.

Course content

video1. Let's Create Fun Websites with Canva3 m 31 s
video2. Setting Up your Website7 m 54 s
video3. Designing your Website (Homepage)20 m 55 s
video4. Designing your Website (Offer)9 m 2 s
video5. Designing your Website (Call to Action)14 m 2 s
video6. Exporting the Website and Testing it5 m 56 s
video7. Course Project1 m 20 s


Digital Persona

Course Instructor

Digital Pinoys is a one-stop shop for all your digital needs to succeed in the online world.