Top 5 online photo gallery for client viewing

Top 5 online photo gallery for client viewing

Best online photo gallery to amaze and wow your clients


Every professional photographer needs a client-proofing gallery. A client proofing gallery is an online gallery that your clients can log into to view, download, and share from your photo shoot. In this post, we'll take a look at 5 of the best online photo gallery for client viewing. Keep reading to learn more!


What is an online photo gallery, and what are its benefits for businesses

Online photo galleries are a great way to showcase your work to a global audience. They're also a great way to connect with potential clients, partners, and customers. Here are some of the benefits of using an online photo gallery:

1. Increased Exposure: Using an online photo gallery allows your work to be seen by a much larger audience than what you would be able to reach through traditional means.

2. Enhanced branding: By having your work showcased on an online gallery, you'll be able to build a more recognizable brand for yourself. This will help you attract new clients and partners, and increase your chances of success in future business ventures.

3. Increased Engagement: Your online photo gallery can help you connect with potential customers in a more personal way than through other means. This can lead to increased sales and a better customer experience.

4. Increased Traffic: Having an online photo gallery will help you attract more traffic to your website. This increased traffic will help you reach more potential customers and grow your business faster than you would otherwise.

5. Increased Revenue: By showcasing your work on an online gallery, you'll be able to generate more revenue than you would through traditional means. This revenue can be used to help cover the costs of hosting the gallery, as well as provide you with a supplemental income.

How to set up and use an online photo gallery for client viewing

Setting up an online photo gallery to show your clients' photos is a great way to show them your work in a personal and interactive way.

To set up your free online gallery outside Facebook native albums, first create a website using a platform like Google Site, Wix or Pic-time. Once your website is set up, you'll need to add a photo gallery to it. You can check the respective platforms guides and tutorials on how to do this. Some platforms are easy to use while some needs some technical knowledge and deep understanding on how to set-up.

Once you've added the photo gallery, you can add photos to it by clicking on the "Add a New Image" button and uploading your photos. Depending on the platform you chose, you can also add captions to your photos if you want. When you're finished, click on the "Publish" button to publish your photo gallery to your website.

Now, when your clients visit your website, they can view their photos in a personal and interactive way!

How to make the most of your online photo gallery for client viewing

When you're preparing your photos for client viewing, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure that your photos are high-resolution and ready to be viewed on a desktop or laptop. If you're using a photo gallery app on your phone, make sure that the resolution is high enough to display properly.

Next, make sure that your photos are organized in an easy-to-understand way. You don't want your clients to spend a lot of time trying to figure out where to find the photo they're looking for. Instead, try to group your photos by topic or theme, and then place those photos near the top of the gallery for quick and easy access.

Finally, make sure that you have plenty of photos to show off! A lot of people underestimate the importance of having a large photo gallery, and end up leaving their clients disappointed when they don't have enough photos to show off. 

If you follow these tips, you'll be able to prepare your photos for client viewing in a way that makes them feel confident and excited about working with you.

The best online photo gallery services on the market today

1. Facebook and Instagram Albums

 1. Free
 2. Easy access for clients
 3. Ready 
 1. Cannot be customized
 2. Image Quality gets downgraded
 3. No Privacy

2. Google Sites

 1. Free
 2. No storage required except for Google Drive
 3. Your content is Google's favorite for S.E.O
 1. Little to no customization
 2. Design Flexibility
 3. Needs technical knowledge on how to setup

3. Smugmug

 1. Professional and clean look for clients easy access
 2. Offers unlimited storage and gallery
 3. Has been in the industry for a very long time
 1. A bit expensive than other online gallery alternatives
 2. User interface and experience needs a bit of development
 3. You need to pay extra for advanced features.

4. Shoot Proof

 1. Easy to use and setup
 2. Professional and clean look for clients
 3. Has advanced features like invoicing and mobile app
 1. Expensive monthly/annual fee than other
 2. Gets commission for sales
 3. Client experience may have roadblock as you they can get lost if you enable password and security features on their album/gallery

5. Pic-time 

 1. Clean and professional look
 2. Client feels Premium and easy to use with beautiful aesthetic
 3. Cheapest PAID option in the market today given the value if provides.
 1. Comes with a monthly or annual fee
 2. Limited storage capacity (but can be upgraded)
 3. Needs a bit of technical knowledge on how to setup for your own branding 

Depending on how you operate your business as well as your pricing range, you can select which service will give more value to you, your business, and to your clients, so payments and value are equally justified. But always remember, as long as your clients are happy and satisfied, that's the most important thing to keep your business going!


Tips for creating a successful online photo gallery proposition

Photos are one of the most popular forms of online content, and for good reason: they're easy to share, easy to search for, and easy to appreciate. To make your photos as successful as they can be, it's important to follow a few tips.

First, think about what type of photo gallery you want to create. Do you want to showcase your personal photos, or do you want to feature photos of your work or of your clients? Thinking about these details early on will help you create a cohesive photo gallery that reflects your brand and message.

Second, think about how you'll be displaying your photos. Will you have a dedicated gallery page for each photo, or will you have one gallery page with photos from multiple albums? Choosing a design that makes sense for your gallery will make it easier for your visitors to navigate and find the photos they're looking for.

Lastly, think about how you'll be promoting your photo gallery. Will you use a conventional website design and promote your gallery through banner ads, social media, and other methods, or will you go with a more creative approach like embedding photos directly into your posts? The more creative and engaging your photo gallery is, the more likely people are to share it and recommend it to their friends.




Article by DigitalPinoys

Published 23 Nov 2022